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Convenience is applied.

In application virtualisation, the software is hosted centrally on the server and downloaded from there onto the users' terminals. A significant advantage of this is that it removes all steps that were previously necessary when installing software on terminals. And resources are adapted and allocated in real time as requirements change.

Virtual benefits. Tangible effects.

  • Lower hardware costs
  • Savings in software and system licenses
  • Less administration, simpler upgrades and migrations
  • More secure performance and optimal use of resources
  • Perfect handling of large, fluctuating volumes of work
  • Highest system reliability and scalability

A new dynamism at work.

Softline provides you with dynamic workplace solutions that provide applications as services in the network, making them react flexibly to actual requirements. The administration of workstations becomes more efficient and there is a marked reduction in effort.

  • App-V support
  • Distribution in packages