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Softline Solutions helps organisations to set up Software Asset Management, which allows the management to make decisions based on facts rather than assumptions. Software license management is not self-contained, but affects the entire organisation. Whether you work in finance, purchasing or IT, setting up SAM processes and the implementation of a professional SAM tool can help you get the insights you need. 

CFO: Budgeting based on facts

As CFO, you are concerned with risk management and compliance with regulations. You would rather determine budgets and calculate risks based on facts and forecasts. It is not possible to give an accurate forecast with assumptions and incorrect or incomplete data. Software Asset Management ensures transparency regarding software license compliance status. This makes it possible to, for example, provide a forecast with regard to how much of the budget should be allocated to the purchase of software licenses that are associated with the expansion of your organisation. This prevents unexpected fines resulting from audits by software publishers. Softline Solutions bases its approach on best practices and the ISO/IEC standard for IT Asset Management. 

CIO/IT management: Making effective use of assets

For you as CIO or IT manager, it is important that your internal customers are provided with a technical environment that meets their expectations. They have to be supported by the right resources, so that they can contribute to the organisation in the most effective way possible. The standardisation of software applications and overall software license compliance and the optimisation of effective use of software licenses are very important to you. Transparency in your software license management activities is crucially important in order to be able to effectively carry out license management and to make purchases that suit your organisation’s long-term vision. The last thing you want is the announcement of a software license audit from one of your top 5 software publishers, for which you are unable to predict the consequences in advance.


CIO / IT-Management (Software Asset Management)

Setting up Software Asset Management helps you get the necessary insight, so that you:

  • can increase the effective use of software licenses;
  • can carry out targeted standardisation;
  • can produce a budget based on facts and figures;
  • have a complete picture of your IT infrastructure, which prevents surprises.

Purchasing department: Entering negotiations with peace of mind

IT-Asset Einkäufer für Software Asset Management

When you are responsible for the procurement of IT assets, it is important that you have all the necessary information to make the best possible purchases. During negotiations about the purchase of software licenses, you want to have a solid knowledge of what is needed and what is specifically not needed. Setting up Software Asset Management at your organisation allows you to stay informed regarding the expiry of contracts or for example when ‘Microsoft True ups’ need to be done. An overall insight into the software license compliance situation helps you with the necessary negotiations with software publishers.