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Step into SAM – Strategic, sustainable, proven.

Would you drive a racing car blindfolded? You would not! In IT, transparency is the basis for avoiding risks and reducing costs. We support you in introducing and developing license management and Software Asset Management (SAM) within your organization – that way you can focus on your core business, optimize your spending and be prepared for an audit.

House of ITAM®: With us you will build (on) a stable SAM foundation

As an independent SAM consultancy we always feel committed to your advantage and see SAM as a process in which our consultants look at strategy, technology and the cost-efficient use of your software assets from a holistic perspective. That is what has made us become the most successful SAM consultancy over the years. We use our House of ITAM® best practice approach for your benefits, to develop a long-term strategy that effectively improves all areas of your IT and the entire lifecycle of your software.

House of ITAM®

The House of ITAM® is based on extensive SAM experience of our SAM consultants, and features project proven methods based on ISO/ IEC 19770 -1:2017.

Step into SAM

In our two day »Step into SAM workshop« we put your licensing to the test! Our experienced consultants will evaluate your current SAM maturity, define solutions and advise you on the subjects of transparency, technology and compliance.

Based on this knowledge we will develop a strategic and operational roadmap for the implementation and operation of a successful SAM program. You will also receive recommendations for your planning and implementation, with specific steps regarding introduction and adjustment of your own Software Asset Management.

Step into SAM Day 1:


  • Introduction license management & SAM
  • Introduction methodological concept


  • Assessment SAM technology operation
  • Assessment SAM license operation
  • Assessment SAM compliance intelligence
  • Assessment SAM program management

Step into SAM Day 2:


  • Analysis results day 1
  • Discussion SAM scope
  • Discussion SAM operational model
  • Development SAM operational deliveries


  • Development SAM organisation
  • Development SAM roadmap
  • Development SAM program charter

What is our approach to SAM?

With our SAM services our consultants look at strategy, technology and the cost-efficient use of licensing rights from your perspective. Softline is not tied to any software companies or vendors. Nor are we a large account reseller whose principal aim is to sell you licenses. This means we are not committed to software manufacturers‘ sales targets, so you can be sure that our recommendations for improvements in the area of SAM are always based on facts and objectivity.