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Step-by-step apporoach for Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management provides insight into software assets for your organisation, whereby you can take measures to achieve software license compliance and achieve cost savings. Through the right combination of organisation, process and technology, an organisation can get optimal control. In order to achieve the correct balance that suits the ICT infrastructure and the IT objectives (short term) set by an organisation, you have to ask yourself: ‘What level of SAM maturity are we striving for as an organisation?’; ‘To what extent are we going to take control ourselves?’; ‘Up to which level are we going to carry out the operational license management activities?’ Softline Solutions has been the leading specialist in Software Asset Management for many years. Our tried and tested step-by-step approach leads organisations from the planning phase to operational SAM.

House of ITAM® – which level suits you?

Would you like to have complete insight into the software license compliance position with your top 5 software publishers, so that you are prepared for software audits? Or would you like to optimise your entire software management system and fully integrate Software Asset Management into your business activities? As completely independent SAM expert and market leader, Softline Solutions assists organisations with the implementation of Software Asset Management that completely suits their specific needs. The »House of ITAM®« is based on ISO for ITAM standard 19770-1, and forms the basis of the tried and tested approach that is built on many years of SAM experience. The approach is visualised as a house that has been built from the ground up. During the setting up of IT Asset Management, an organisation goes through 3 ‘tiers’:

House of ITAM®

TIER 1: TRUSTWORTHY DATA – Build the foundation and ensure continuous compliance in combination with the established management system.

TIER 2: LIFE CYCLE INTEGRATION – A cross-phased view on the entire IT portfolio enables active control and management of all IT-assets.

TIER 3: OPTIMIZATION – Automation and optimization of functional processes creates more efficiency and leads to sustainable cost savings.


What is your next step?

The implementation of Software Asset Management is a diverse process whereby it is important to make use of the right knowledge. After all, short-term objectives have to be achieved in order to integrate Software Asset Management in your long-term business strategy. Softline Solutions can help you to take the next most suitable step.

SAM@Softline award-winning approach

In 2014 & 2015, Softline Solutions was named »SAM Managed Service Provider Best in Class« by the independent organisation The ITAM Review. In 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, Softline Solutions was also declared »Flexera Software EMEA Best Performing Partner«.