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Software Monetization –
Protecting and commercializing intellectual property.

Software and product manufacturers are facing the challenges of a dynamic and competitive market. The Internet of Things (IoT), Software as a Service (SaaS) and the cloud are representative of this development. Do you want to protect and monetize your intellectual property? With our Software Monetization (SWM) services we offer you solutions for this. We support you in the transformation of intellectual property into revenue. This ensures sustainable success of products and the entire company.

Your Software Monetization strategy with Softline

Software Monetization Strategy Development Softline

We support you in the analysis, planning, implementation and operation of integrated software monetisation solutions so that you as a software manufacturer are prepared both for the classic software business as for future monetisation approaches when turning your product business into a software business. Our SWM strategy is characterized by optimal economic exploitation, legal protection and protection against software piracy as well as integration into your processes (e.g. software ordering, license activation, software delivery). We install the necessary technologies and implement them in your products. To achieve this we are utilizing the solutions of the market leaders.

Software Monetization Workshops

As an award-winning SAM service provider for medium-sized companies and corporate groups, we know your customers and the competition in numerous industries. We adapt your monetization models to new technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization, mobile computing, SaaS and the IoT.

Software Monetization Circle Softline

Assessment & Strategy

Our offer:

  • Step-into-SWM
  • SWM Health Check
  • SWM (Re-)Assessment


Added value:

  • Maturity assessment
  • Roadmap development
  • Transformation planning
  • On-Premise to the Cloud

Business Implementation

Our offer:

  • License Policy Design
  • Revenue Model Design
  • Operational Process Design

Added value:

  • Holistic SWM-Strategy
  • Sales strategy
  • Licensing rules
  • Compliance strategy

Technical Implementation

Our offer:

  • Conception and architectural planning
  • Implementation and operation
  • Customizing and development
  • Training

Added value:

  • End-to-end deployment solution
  • Management and monetization
  • Protection against software piracy
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Effcient Entitlement Management

With our »SWM Kickstart« we complete with you the most important phases for building a sustainable solution and a single software product. After completion of the project, you can gradually monetize and protect your entire product portfolio.