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»ISMS Fundamentals Workshop« – We will prepare you!

Find out everything concerning the legal basis, the requirements for audits and your certification according to ISO 27001. During our one-day »Security@Softline ISMS Fundamentals workshop«, we will impart relevant basic knowledge about the introduction of an information security management system (ISMS) in your company. Register now!

What is ISMS?

An information security management system (ISMS) plans, controls and coordinates all organizational and technical processes. It takes into account the business objectives as well as the internal and external interests of the company.

Why is ISMS required?

  • To prove legal requirements for risk management
  • For Information Security Management
  • For security and transparency in business processes

»Security@Softline ISMS Fundamentals Workshop« – We will prepare you!

  • One-day on-site workshop
  • Basic knowledge of ISMS and ISO 27001
  • Legal aspects of information security
  • Presentation of the steps for the introduction of an ISMS
  • Documentation requirements for audits, etc.
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