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IT with character. Because it helps.

Even the best IT systems do not fulfil their potential if they are not adapted to individual requirements. We provide services to build and maintain high-performance infrastructures for our clients. To do this we take an important stance – having an interest in every client’s specific issues. This always forms the basis for our work. Because trust-based partnerships are now more important than ever when it comes to IT matters.

Better suited to you.

It is a challenge to design all aspects of an IT system so it is flexible enough to suit the way your business is developing. But that is what we do. Not least through daily involvement with our clients – with new solutions and technologies. But that does not just mean updating your IT. Ongoing training of our employees is also a high priority for us. Finally, there is one thing we would like to guarantee – giving you an edge!

Added value, effectiveness and cost-efficiency in IT environments that are becoming ever more complex – let’s work together to overcome these issues. You can concentrate on your core business, and we will help you use the technological foundations for this optimally.

We are only working for one company – yours!

In its systematic design of each solution, Softline is vendor-neutral. And we are also not a large account reseller who is mainly interested in selling you licenses. Our consultants do not have to meet any sales targets for software manufacturers – they are only concerned with developing and implementing the optimum IT configuration for you, and you alone.

Softline. Thinking that gets to the heart of the matter.

Our clients include businesses across the whole of Europe that use IT – from SMEs to international corporations, and from local businesses to public service institutions. The work involved for each is highly specialised, but our philosophy on every project remains the same:

  • Our priority is to deliver what our clients really need.
  • We want to impress you with our technical expertise, fairness and diligence.
  • It is not the size of the client that matters, but the customised solution.
  • We are strictly vendor-neutral in designing our solutions.
  • Softline specialists are among the best-trained IT personnel in Europe.
  • Flat hierarchies, fast decision procedures and teamwork based on partnership characterise our working culture.
  • Certifications and regular training courses guarantee the quality of our expertise – for us and all our clients.


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